Theory of Asynchronous Evolution


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            Supplementing Each Other (Parade
            magazine discussion about lack of women
            in science)


The Evolutionary Theory of Sex

          Theory rules

          Effects related to differentiation of sexes

         Three Main Types of Reproduction

          Sexual Dimorphism in Stable Environment

          High Male Mortality

          Receiving the Ecological Information
from the Environment

          Amount of Pollen, Hormones and Stress

          Variation of Sexes and Reaction Norm

          Sex Ratio

          Sexual Dimorphism in Ontogeny

          Sexual Dimorphism in Phylogeny

          Sexual Dimorphism Forms

         Sexual Dimorphism of reciprocal hybrids “Paternal Effect”

         Sexual Dimorphism in Antropology

          Sexual Dimorphism in Pathology

                 Congenital Malformations of the Heart

                 Evolutionary Role of Cancer

          Hormonal Sex

          Cancer — scalpel of selection


Sex Chromosomes

Selection of Spermatozoids

Evolutionary Theory of Asymmetry

         The Evolution of Asymmetry (I)

         Brain Asymmetry (II)

         Brain hemispheres and sides of the body (III)

         Asymmetry of paired organs, hands (IV)

The Principle of Asynchronous Evolution

Other theories (Analysis)




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