Theory of Asynchronous Evolution


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About the Author

 Vigen A. Geodakian (In English articles author’s last name was translated as Geodakian, Geodakyan, or Geodakjan)

Theoretical Biologist

Education: PhD in physical-chemistry, Doctorate degree in biology (Genetics).

Work history: Institute of Physics, Institute of Molecular Biology, Institute of Biophysics, Institute of General Genetics, Institute of Developmental Biology

From 1990 – Lead Scientist of the Bioacoustics laboratory of the Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution. Professor of the department of Practical Psychology (New humanitarian university N. Nesterova).

The first publication of Vigen Geodakian devoted to problems of sex differentiation has appeared in 1965 in popular scientific magazine Nauka I Zizn ("Science and Life"). Since then he published more than 150 articles covering different aspects of sex related questions—longevity, differentiation of a brain and hands, sex chromosomes, mechanisms of sex ratio regulation at plants and animals, heart diseases and other illnesses. V. Geodakian made numerous presentations on many Russian and international congresses, conferences and symposiums, lectured hundreds of students. Two conferences were devoted to the theory exclusively (Saint Petersburg, Russia, 1990, 1992). The theory was included in the textbooks (Vasiltchenko G. S., 1977, 2005; Tkatshenko A. A. e.a., 2001; Nartova-Boschaver S. K., 2003) and also is included in study programs of some Russian (Physical-Technical College, Moscow College of Physical Engineers, Russian Humanitarian State University) and foreign (Tel-Aviv University) colleges and universities.

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