People are still asking questions:

“Sex represents the most important challenge to the modern theory
of evolution... the queen of problems... the main question is —why sex?”
                                                                                              Bell (1982)

“The “reversed” sexual size dimorphism of predatory birds, with females in
some cases almost twice as large as males, has long puzzled ecologists. ...
A review by Mueller and Meyer (1985) listed twenty hypotheses!”

Are Men Smarter Than Women?                    Are Men Necessary?
 Parade Magazine (2005)                             M . Dowd (2005)

“For evolutionary biologists, the existence of males and females is in many ways paradoxical. …
The question of differentiation at the individual level still remains
. Why do most animals have
individuals that are either male or female instead of both?”
                                                D. Saraga (Reflex Magazine, 2011)

The answer was found 40 years ago …    

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“If you don’t have
an idea in your head,
– you will not see the facts”
I.P. Pavlov






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The Evolutionary Theory of Sex by V. Geodakian


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